Monday December 21, 2020 AT 2:46 AM

Music is timeless, Art is timeless. This project is a combination of both, recording the progress of an artist in space and time. All the rises and all the falls that carve people into their true selves, recorded in a clip with the intent of inspiring, with the intent of forming memories. We present to you Insight.


Kaz Fuego - In The Booth


Capturing the purest form of creation in its natural state. Witness the birth of music and art from the hands of some truly gifted individuals. See their struggles, see their wins.




Taking a break from the noise were surrounded by, to listen to that from which is within. Sharing what we feel on the inside on a record for your pleasure.


Hiiburn8 & Kaz Fuego


We hope you enjoy watching this clip half as much as we enjoyed recording it for you. While you’re here, you should share your thoughts with us.  @KazFuego @Hiiburn8  @VinnieBwoy