Tariq Stylez Tha Barber

Tuesday September 22, 2020 AT 12:23 PM
Tariq Stylez Tha Barber

Man Behind The Clippers

Tariq Navarro better known as Tariq Stylez Tha Barber is a local professional barber from Maloney Gardens. He currently styles hair at Perfection Cuts Barbershop at Maloney Shopping Mall. Driven by his keen attention to detail and passion for his craft, he wanted to better connect with the public and share his sentiments. Thus this project came to fruition.



A collaborative effort between Tariq, Petovich (Sound Design) and yours truly. Filiming was done over a two day period while production took an additional three days. With Tariq’s branding in mind, I ensured that the aesthetic and vibe for the shots resonsated with it. Each shot was carefully chosen out of a selection of 2 hours worth of footage. Alot of which did not make the final cut.



The intent of this biography if you may, was to help Tariq better connect with his clients and potential audience. Giving you a deeper look into what drives him towards his passion. The thought behind every line up, the care put into every cut. It also gave sometime for him to get a bit personal and share his story that ignited his journey into barbering.



I believe that the connection between you and your audience is crucial. Sometimes you need to get intimate, other times you may need to get raw. People love stories and learning more about who they support, it shows them the individual behind the brand. That which they can relate and resonate with. I once heard that, telling your own story is the secret to survival.

When you’re able to dictate how you are recieved, understood and remembered, you control your legacy. With that being said, I introduce you to the talented Tariq Stylez.