Tariq Stylez Tha Barber

Tuesday September 22, 2020 AT 12:23 PM
Tariq Stylez Tha Barber

Story behind the clippers

Tariq Navarro better known as Tariq Stylez Tha Barber is a local professional barber from Maloney Gardens. He currently styles hair at Perfection Cuts Barbershop at Maloney Shopping Mall. Driven by his keen attention to detail and passion for his craft, he wanted to better connect with the public and share his sentiments.



As the goal of the project was decided on we begun the filming process. With full creative control I was able to be flexible with the cinematography. From the start I intended to give it a minimalist approach, clean cuts and straight to the point. Filming took approximately two days, one for B-Roll footage in the barbershop and another for main dialogue which was done on a premade-set. Recording left us with 2 hours of footage to play with, a lot of which did not make the final cut.



With filming out of the way, the next stage was production of the footage and color correction. The intro was a black and white montage covering some extra B-Roll footage which lead up to the introduction scene. I chose to use a cool subtle blue hue for the LUT of the footage. Nothing too distracting, but cool enough to set the tone.



Lastly it was time to hit up my boy Petovich to assist me with the sound design. When discussing with Petovich, we came to the conclusion that a synth infused hip hop beat would suit the visual perfectly. So said so done, he got on the DAW and got to work.  After mixing the audio and visuals, the result was a refined gem.