Your West Indian Bredrin

Saturday October 31, 2020 AT 10:27 PM
Your West Indian Bredrin

Man Behind The Bar

After completing school at Trinity College East, Amrit Permanand went on to attaining his diploma in law. Eventually acquiring a job at the Ministry of Education. While there he was introduced to the world of bartending through a mutual friend, upon this first taste for mixology his thirst for the craft exceeded.



Starting off at Angostura Special Events he was able to forge his skills in mixology and steadily perfect the craft one drink at a time. Later moving onto promotional/private jobs for organisations such as: Brydens, Scotchies Sports Bar, Brandon’s Events and Angostura under Team Mixtress. Driven by the natural passion birthed to him by taking a immense change of career, pushes him to work harder.



The Great Collab

Your West Indian Bredrin, approaced me to handle the branding for his business. He wanted to move forward with a tropical feel that embraces his roots and culture. With that in-visioned I already knew what direction to take his visuals.


Your West Indian Bredrin - Logos (Black and White)