Cheers to twenty-four, still finding myself longing for more. After reaching milestones I set for myself, the road just gets longer on my own accord. I’m still on it though, pushing to reach my desired destination. One more year of life, one more year of experiences, one more year of memories. Praises to the most high for getting me here. Pouring one out for those lost, who couldn’t make it this far.


Sitting here writing this thinking to myself of all the wrongs I have to right, to become the better me. The last few years gave me a lot of reflection, so now that I have the blueprint, I can start working on the foundation. I feel like a lot of times people know what they have to do, to get what they want or to make a change. But sometimes what’s keeping them back is usually themselves. As they say, “You are your greatest enemy“. Day by day that statement just keeps proving itself true. I witness countless people, destroy themself through self-sabotage, I am a victim of this occasionally.


Once you solidify and align your mind with your desires, there is little to nothing that can stop you. But that’s easier said than done, speaking from experience. Sometimes I have this great idea in my head, but without the drive and determination to execute it, that idea isn’t worth anything. It just becomes another book on the shelf in my mind, collecting dust.


Time to dust those books off and start running them ideas up. Cause as soon as you blink, times run out. Crazy how fast the time goes, you be saying and planning every new year to do this and do that. But as soon as you inhale and exhale, a year has passed and you’re still right where you left off. With all that being said, take this as a sign to do, to just start. Sometimes that’s all you need to start gaining momentum. If you ain’t start then you ain’t going.


Too overly ambitious, too late to fix it. Sometimes I sit and wonder about all the things I want to do and achieve, thinking is it possible? That’s when I have to pull up and reassure myself that it is. Don’t let that self-doubt get you, cause when she holds on, it’s hard to get her to let go. Some may tell you being too ambitious is a bad thing, focus on one thing.


While that could be useful to some, my ambition is a different cut of cloth. I don’t want to limit myself to one slice or experience of life. I want to make art, share my story, help others along the way. Whether that be through visuals, sound, fashion. I see no reason to limit myself, neither should you. Life is way too short to place limits on yourself. If you envision it, push towards it.


So here’s to this new journey, glad you’re here with me. I’m holding myself to do monthly drops here sharing my life experiences and lessons, to help form some structure in my life. I have been struggling with consistency, so this is my chance to fix that and develop a solid routine. This would be responsibility training for me. Love, Truly Yours.