Secluded Emotions EP 2

      For the things left unsaid and the moments, we tend to try to forget.

Secluded Emotions EP 1

The first release, taking you through some emotions with me. Revisiting those moods we usually hide from the world.

No Noise

With all the different energies and noises constantly around. It throws you off sometimes.

On a different type of time.

May this new path be kind and true. My initiation into the clothing game.


I find myself straying from feelings I have inside tucked in a corner.


Cheers to twenty four, still finding my self longing for more. After reaching milestones I set for myself, the road just gets longer.

Lust For Life

Been chasing something my whole life, I’m not quite sure I know what it is exactly. Is it success? Greatness? Would my pursuit of this come at the sacrifice of my happiness?